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          Thanks for stopping by!  My mission is simple:  to help turn your dog into the best pet he or she can possibly be.  I’ve been training dogs professionally since 2002 & have learned a lot over the years.  Through my years of experience & professional development, I have learned that every successful dog-owner relationship has 3 key ingredients:

  •       The ability to work as a team
  •       Clear communication
  •       Proper management of the pet’s environment & routine

My task as a trainer is to help you instill these ingredients into your relationship with your dog, so your relationship will be the best it can be.  So if you’ve got the patience & willingness to learn, if you are ready to put forth some hard work, & if you are ready to have a good ole’ time, then I know we can do it. 

My guarantee

If you choose to train with me, my pledge & guarantee is that I will have the expertise & wisdom to help you reach the best possible solutions for your dog, & that I will always be there to address any question or concern you might have.  

Take a look around the site and find out a little about my services, my experience, and what some of my clients have said in San Angelo. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 



Robert F. Broussard is San Angelo's Premier dog trainer and behavioral specialist. Pet training can sometimes prove to be very difficult at times, however, with Robert’s experience and expertise you can begin to enjoy a better relationship with your puppy or adult dog in no time. Robert makes pet training lots of fun and can show you the leadership skills you need in order to stay in full command of your pet. With his state of the art dog obedience training techniques your dog will receive clear communication of your rules and commands.
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